Today’s Autism Program Announcement A WTF Moment For Parents

Minister of Community And Social Services Todd Smith Trying His Best To Look Empathetic

The Ontario Government released an updated announcement today regarding the direction the Ford Government is taking the Ontario Autism Program, and it’s intentionally divisive. It’s like the Ministry of Community and Social Services is filled with a bunch of murder hornets or something.  This ministry is seriously out to bite the heads off of vulnerable child and their parents.  The Ontario Autism Program is starting to warp back into the program Wynne first announced in 2016 that sparked the massive amount of protests from families, and business leaders.

The announced approach today is not based on need.  This announcement today confirms autistic children will not receive the therapy they need from the Ford Government.  That’s never been clearer now.  In order to change that, we’ll need a change in government.

Scott has an awesome detailed post about the announced changes today.  I’m just going to do a quick summery:

  1. Decisions on how much therapy a child will receive will be up to Ministry employee’s not clinicians/experts.
  2. Amount of funding for therapy will depend on age not need
  3. 600 kids will move into core services in March after being frozen on the wait list for exactly two years.
  4. No information about how these kids will transition off the wait list in the middle of a pandemic.
  5. ABA will be regulated, but not really.  ONTABA successfully lobbied to self regulate and self police themselves rather than an independent body overseeing the regulations and the profession.

It’s bad enough we as parents have to deal with limited to no services during this pandemic, then to deal with this HUGE set back. When does this become a human rights issue? My family situation has changed a bit where I can lend my body to these protests moving forward.  I intend to be at a lot of them after I’m immune to COVID.

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