Health and Safety of The Vulnerable Should Take Priority


Last week I wrote a detailed blog about how the system of disability supports in Ontario is victimizing the very people it’s meant to support, due to a lack of accountability on agencies that provide front line services and the lack of adherence of professional code of ethics/policy by staff. Many of these organizations making their own employees and organizational overhead a priority over that of the vulnerable they are meant to protect and serve.

Last night the leader of Ontario’s NDP Andrea Horwath did the same thing when asked about mandatory vaccination on CBC’s Power and Politics. Horwath disagreed with the notion that staff in schools should have a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination to protect the rights of education staff over that of vulnerable children.

While I strongly believe that Horwath will walk back on that decision, this shows a lack of acknowledgement among our political leadership in Ontario that when dealing with a vulnerable population, it’s too often staff who are afforded more rights and protection over that of the vulnerable in this province. As a caregiver/parent I often sacrifice my health and well being for those underneath my care. I don’t understand the notion of throwing those I care for under the bus to protect my own interests. I hope a much wider public discussion emerges regarding this ideology when speaking about how the disabled are treated and victimized by a system that is meant to support them. The vulnerable in this province and their families have rights too, and as a result of those vulnerabilities their health and safety should take precedent.

Charlie Angus

If only our politicians would understand that protecting vulnerable people and their families shouldn’t be a partisan issue rather one that is accepted by all, because as Canadians we care about how we treat our vulnerable populations. It shouldn’t be the Liberals the NDP should be afraid of – it should be voters and the public. Our political leadership must demand and do better to protect our vulnerable populations!

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