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As a former consumer advocate, Jay has been a part of the development of Canada’s Net Neutrality Rules in consultation with the CRTC.  In 2012 he successfully advocated at the CRTC to have those rules enforced against Rogers Communications.  This set a precedent in Canadian telecom policy across the country, which still remains in place today.

Jay than became a digital rights advocate, where he was directly consulted by federal government and opposition parties as it relates to digital and civil rights. Jason has engaged in academic debates surrounding digital and civil rights with some of Canada’s top academic legal and policy experts.

Jay is also a professional industry DJ and promoter.  Apprenticed by Chris Sheppard’s Pirate Radio Crew in the mid 90’s, Jay went on to work for various club night spots in Niagara Falls and Hamilton.  In the early 2000’s Jay was sponsored through Universal Music Canada and became the first industry backed DJ to go viral online. Between 2007 – 2010 Jay hosted a successful podcast and radio show called Global Trance Sessions where he worked alongside some of the top ranked global DJ’s at that time.

In 2014 Jay took some time off to advocate for his family.  Jason’s son is diagnosed with autism.

Jay is now focusing his attention on disability rights and policy.  Jay hopes that political connections made during previous civil rights advocacy will assist in bringing not justice but equality to federal disability programs, and to people with disabilities.  Jay recently completed a law course on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

If you wish to get a hold of Jason you may do so at this e-mail address: jay at jkoblovsky dot ca

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